Lake Windermere

My son and myself's latest  Paddle Adventure was at Lake Windermere in the Cumbria Lake District National Park, this is the largest natural lake in the district national parks in England,it is a staggering 10.5 miles long, 1 mile wide and is 220 feet deep. This is what is called a glacial ribbon lake and has 18 island features, which make it a really memorable paddle, wonder if there is any 'Wee Nessie's' lurking in the deep, must admit did not see any, thank goodness for that. 

Windermere is said to be the home of the children's book writer Beatrix Potter, and has a display of memorability of her works on show, as well as being where Donald Campbell first launched his boat The Bluebird in which he set the World Speed Record on Lock Ness in Scotland.

We started off our paddle at Newby Bridge, where there was parking for our second vehicle and finished off at Lake Side car park at Water Head.



This is a paddle I highly recommend, but plan to be on the water all day, as you will be making plenty off stops,remember to stay away from the wash of the steamers as they make a large  wake as they pass.


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