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Crinan Canal ,Kyntyre Peninsula , West Scotland

My son Andy Hill and myself Andrew Hill (The Paddle Bandit) went up to Lochgilphead on the Kintyre Peninsula to paddle the Crinan Canal between Crinan and Ardishaig in Argyll and Bute on the West coast of Scotland. The canal opened in 1801 and takes its name from from the village of Crinan at its Western end, it is approximately 9 miles or 14km long and connects the village of Ardrishaig on Loch Glip with The Sound of Jura, providing a sailing route between the Clyde and the Inner Hebrides without having a long diversion around The Kintyre Peninsula and saving sailing around the exposed Mull of Kintyre, you travel through a series of 14 loch gates that switch you from level to level from the village  of Ardrishaig. This is a highly recommended paddle, which is both challenging and from a visual point of view, really stunning.